Guide on what is york YVAA condenser replacement


Condenser coils for York brand chillers, especially the york YVAA condenser replacement, a producer of alternative replacement coils. These replacement coils have been engineered to be a near fit drop-in and be of superior quality, and have a longer life. The coils include copper I.D. solder connections and mounting brackets for simple installation. Their dimensions are 83.5 inches wide by 47.75 inches tall by 1.5 inches deep.

E-Coating is a Principal Feature (Recommended)

  • Available either from stock or within five to six weeks.
  • Warranty Period of Five (5) Years for E-Coated Models
  • Working pressure of 650 PSI for either R410A or R134a service
  • 1-1/8″ IDS copper Inlet, 7/8″ IDS copper Outlet
  • Reduced reduction in refrigerant pressure for enhanced overall performance
  • Including the flanged casing for a simple and quick installation
  • For Replacement of Microchannel and Fin/Tube Coils
  • Advantages of Others
  • Proven Effectiveness and a Sturdy Construction
  • 100% Factory Leak Tested During Production
  • Greater durability achieved with thicker tube wall thicknesses
  • A Manufacturing Process With a Low Flow Rate, Which Offers a Lower Potential for Corrosion
  • Developed to serve as a suitable substitute for FIN/Tube and Microchannel Coils in Carrier Chillers.

The Finest Alternative Winding Replacement

The heat exchangers used in Alcoil replacement coils are either of the Microchannel type or the Fin/Tube type. These coils are meant to be anupgrade and an improvement over the heat exchangers used in the original production. While many original equipment manufacturers employ coils created in other countries or of “automotive grade,” york YVAA condenser replacementconstructs their products focusing on extended life quality. The “Upgrade” feature of the heat exchanger is made possible by stronger tube walls, a more robust design that can handle thermal cycling, and E-Coating that guarantees long-term corrosion protection.

Recoil is the industry leader in Microchannel coil Design, Quality, and Customer Service. The company is a principal supplier to some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in the HVAC and refrigeration industries. All Alcoil heat exchangers york YVAA condenser replacement. Customers may choose to have them created to order or supplied directly from stock.

The E-Coating (Recommended for Replacement Coils)

Recommended for use in industrial applications or environments less than 50 miles from the coast. Recommended for use with replacement coils in situations in which the previously failed coil exhibited evidence of refrigerant oil spots or leaks on the coil as a result of heat cycling or corrosion.

Installation Requirements

Using techniques that are common in your business and according to the standards governing refrigerant recovery, remove any existing coils.Put in some brand new coils. According to the design, the condenser intake connection must be located at the top. Do not install in an inverted position. When you are handling the coil, be careful not to harm the face of the coil. To mount the coil flange, sheet metal screws will be required to fasten it into the equipment panels.