When is the Best Time to send Out Bulk SMS for a Campaign?


When is the best time to send an SMS to a customer? This is one of the most frequently asked questions – and such worries aren’t unfounded. Although SMS campaigns enjoy some of the highest open rates, figuring out the appropriate time to send a message is no easy feat.

It is the one thing that makes optimizing your SMS campaigns highly crucial. Done right, you can enjoy lots of benefits from your campaign. Get it wrong, and it will prove costly – no engagement, no customer retention, and you can quickly lose that customer for good.

Here are some pointers on the right time to send different types of marketing messages:

  1. General Marketing Text Messages

Best time: Between 10:30 to 11:30 am and 2:35 to 3:25 pm

General marketing bulk SMS takes many forms. They range from coupons for sales, discounts, and links to landing pages. Regardless of the message, you must ensure that you convey the right one.

While at it, remember to respect your customers If you want them to pay attention to what you are selling. Also, respect their work hours. Please don’t send them marketing messages at dawn and wake them up instead.

Although catching them while having coffee would be highly welcomed, it is essential to know the appropriate time to send them the message. A good practice is not to send a message on the dot. You can send those marketing SMS at 10:29 am or at 3:23 pm. This way, you can beat your competitors and be the unique one.

  1. Bulk SMS for Appointment Reminders

Best time: A day before the scheduled appointment; 1 hour before the appointment

Your client can’t afford to miss necessary appointments – whether it is a meeting or a check-in with the doctor. While sending out such messages, it is crucial to remind them 24 hours before the actual appointment to remind them of the details, including the time, purpose, time, and venue.

Although some might consider it overkill, you can send a reminder one hour before the appointment and let them know what they should bring along or what is expected of them. This can be helpful as lots of distractions tend to get in the way of everyone’s daily life.

  1. Promo SMS for Weekend Sales and Special Events

Best time: Thursday; the morning of the day of the sale event

When you have a big sale coming up and don’t know the appropriate time to reach out to your customers, aim for Thursdays if you want your customers to keep the event in mind.

Thursdays make a great time since they give your customers enough time to plan their weekend and schedule a stop at your business. Apply the general marketing rules to send your bulk SMS regarding the specific times to send the message. You might consider adjusting them to meet your customer’s preferences.

As for holiday campaigns, the best times include a month before the upcoming sale, two weeks before, three days earlier, and one day before.

Start Sending Your SMS Today

Before you start sending your texts, it is worth noting that time zones differ if you are doing international campaigns. Do your research first to determine the appropriate time for sending your bulk SMS to a specific audience.

You can also let Celcom Africa help you develop an effective and automated schedule you can use to reach out to your audience conveniently. They can also help you test different times as they gauge your bulk SMS effectiveness and will allow you to define the right metrics for your next SMS campaign.

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