How To Get More English And American People watching Your Videos


Hey YouTubers, if you want to increase views and subscribers on your YouTube video, then you are at the right destination. YouTube is that global platform where users from different countries can watch your video anytime.

Due to its long reach, audiences from different countries can get access to your video by just searching for a topic. This provides you with an opportunity to build a watch base or audience outside your country. This is also called international marketing, where you can market your videos outside your country.

But, let’s skip the chit-chat and boring marketing lessions, and let’s get to the point. Because, maybe you want to target users specifically from native English countries, such as UK or USA.

Some say that the target audience or language does not matter as you can make videos that can be helpful or understandable for everyone, and that is certainly true, especially if you don’t use your voice, or you are using very popular languages such as English or Spanish.

But, there is a big advantage of USA, UK, Australia, etc. views. They are so-called TIER 1 countries with native speakers, which will bring more money to you.

Don’t worry, there are many ways in which you can get more views from English speaking or American audiences. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at how to get more English speaking or American views on your YouTube videos.

  •  Make videos in the English language

One of the most effective steps you can take to get more English speaking or American views is to make videos in the English language. You will not face difficulty in making videos in English as it is a global speaking language. You can make videos in English or both subtitles in the English language, which will help us from America to know about the video in detail. This will not be a problem for you because almost every third video out of 5 is in the English language on YouTube. You can make videos in English, which will be easy for audiences in America to understand in English. Therefore, to get more views from American or English speaking audiences, you should make videos in the English language.

  • Buy English views

Well, as for any thing money is often the quickest solution. If you have some budget, you might want to consider buying some views which target specifically English speaking countries. Just make sure you get real people watching your video, and you can do so by using YouTube Advertising Views or this website’s Real & English Views. Both real, English and safe, as per our experience.

  •  Create an English speaking language channel

If you have a YouTube channel that does not have videos in English, then you should create a channel that will focus on an English speaking audience only. By this, we mean that you should create another channel where videos are translated into the English language. You can attract more English speaking or American viewers to your YouTube video by making videos in the English language. Therefore, this will help you to attract more viewers from American or English speaking audiences then having mixed content, which will not be as effective and actually confuse the algorithm a bit.

There are many benefits of attracting more international viewers to your YouTube channel because it will provide you with more views. The main motive of posting or uploading videos on YouTube is to get more views and subscribers, which will help you to make money. If you want to make money through YouTube, you need to make sure that the views on your YouTube videos keep on increasing. It will be beneficial for you to gain more reach and subscribers in a short time, which will be helpful for you to earn money.