Find the best 4g rotating mobile proxies for your business.


If you’re online, you’ll want to protect your identity, while at the same time expanding your online activities. A great way to do both is by using 4g rotating mobile proxies! In this article, we will give you a top 7 of the best 4g mobile proxies

What makes 4G rotating mobile proxies so special?

People like mobile proxy services because they trust them, which means that they are less likely to get blacklisted or blocked by websites. Proxies are popular tools for accessing social media sites from behind a firewall, as well as for many other purposes. When using mobile proxies, you will want to make sure that you have access to the best proxy service out there. Some are specifically designed for social media, while others are going to be better suited for something different. Ultimately, the fact that mobile proxies rotate a lot means that they aren’t ideal for social media when compared to something like a dedicated proxy service.

What is a 4G mobile proxy?

A 4G LTE proxy is the kind of proxy that utilizes mobile IP addresses or redirects traffic from mobile devices connected to specific mobile carriers. These proxies provide users with a strong layer of anonymity online and have high IP trust.

How do 4G proxies work?

A 4G Mobile Proxy enables users to access the internet by connecting to this portable device, which then uses its IP address instead of its own. Users can surf the web without being traced by their IP.

What are the best 4g rotating mobile proxies?

Top 7 best 4g rotating mobile proxies

Let’s start with the best 4g mobile proxies!  (

ProxyEmpire’s mobile proxies provide you with access to a robust infrastructure of proxies that are compatible with APP-only platforms. Use our rotating mobile proxies as you gather data and protect your anonymity while making requests. We provide mobile-specific proxies in over 170+ countries and filter down to the carrier level to ensure you have the best connection possible.

2) Luminati

Luminati is a popular proxy service provider. It is regarded as the largest proxy network in the world, and arguably one of the best in the industry. Its mobile proxies are some of the best you can use for your Internet marketing operations; they are 100 percent compliant and patented. Luminati’s mobile IPs are sourced from its peer-to-peer network – it has over 7 million IPs, making its pool one of the largest mobile proxy pools in the market. It supports both ASN and mobile carrier targeting. Luminati has excellent location coverage.

Slower mobile proxy providers:

3) Proxy-cheap

Proxy-cheap offers only mobile IP proxies of the United States and France. It is, however, one of the cheapest providers on the list. Proxy-cheap proxies are easy to use and get delivered instantly. For now, Proxy-cheap supports only IP authentication – you cannot use a username and password to authenticate.

4) Scraper API

Scraper API is a widely popular and commonly used 4G mobile proxy provider due to its high-speed connection, large IP pool, and advanced customization tools. By using our IP rotation service, you will be able to avoid being blocked again.

You can customize the type of requests users can send and its header, as well as the location. In addition to removing any blocked IP addresses from their pool, Scraper API also keeps removing slow IP addresses to ensure a consistent 100 Mb/s speed. They have over 20 million IP addresses for their customers to use which also helps ensure the industry-leading 99.9% uptime. When you combine their features and incredible customer service, their 4G mobile proxy service becomes hard to replace with any other provider. Despite its premium infrastructure, Scrapper API has kept its prices incredibly low.

5) Airsocks

Airsocks provides mobile IP proxies from majorly 6 countries—the United States, the United Kingdom (UK), Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Lithuania. For each country it supports, Airsocks provides a list of available operators. We recommend Airsocks mobile proxies because of their OS fingerprint substitution, dynamic connections that lead to a change of IP address, and their professional support team. The company’s proxies have proven to work quite well, avoiding detection and subsequent blocks. If there is an outage in their service, Airsocks will compensate you for lost time and money.

6) Custom Proxy Solutions

Custom Proxy Solutions says it operates the largest network of 4G modems in the United States. While this is a marketing gimmick, there’s no denying that their proxies are some of the best in the market right now. Their proxies come with unlimited bandwidth usage support, and aside from their general mobile proxies, they also sell 4G proxies perfect for Instagram automation.

7) Airproxy

Airproxy, a proxy provider based in Italy, sells the cleanest proxies in this list of mobile proxy providers. Their proxies are of high quality. While most providers get their proxies through peer-to-peer networks, Airproxy does something different—it uses dedicated SIM cards for each subscription. Its proxies allow unlimited bandwidth usage and can be used to automate up to 10 Instagram accounts per proxy. Airproxy proxies are expensive.