The Accessibe WordPress Plugin and Its Benefits to the World of Web Accessibility


Suppose you are the owner of a WordPress site. In that case, you need to give a lot of importance to web accessibility to users with disabilities so that they get a fair and equal right to access your site and navigate through it seamlessly. As a business owner, the following are two ways for you to consider accessibility, and they are-

1. It is a legal mandate that you must follow, or else you will be subjected to hefty fines and lawsuits under Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the USA.

2. From the point of view of your business with ecommerce services, it makes sense as it invokes better web traffic and search engine optimization for your site

Boost traffic with the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

The Accessibe WordPress plugin has been created and designed for WordPress sites. It is an extensive tool that helps website owners detect accessibility issues for their sites without hassles. It just needs to be downloaded, installed, and activated to work in the background while you, as a business owner, can focus on the other core functions of your business without hassles at all.

Paying attention to web accessibility is indeed the need of the hour. It makes perfect business sense and boosts the image of your organization or business. Credible sources state that about 20% of users online have some form of physical or mental disability. As a business owner, you should never turn away these users as they have the potential to become loyal customers of your business. So, it is your social responsibility to ensure your site is accessible all the time for them.

The benefits of web accessibility

The following are the key benefits of web accessibility that you should keep in mind as a business owner-

  • Sites that have web accessibility in mind are much simpler for you to maintain, later update and redesign. This step reduces the website maintenance costs.
  • Web accessibility results in streamlined codes that make your site pages fast to download, and this helps you save money by curbing the costs of bandwidth.
  • Web accessibility offers you better and higher search engine optimization

A powerful plugin that is super simple for your site to use

When it comes to the Accessibe WordPress plugin, it is very simple and convenient for you to use. With it, you have the ability to add relevant keywords to your web posts and save time in thinking about them by yourself. This plugin helps you save time and money, keeping frustration at bay.

Boost search engine ranks and double web traffic to your site

Business owners that install this extensive plugin are able to get better search engine rankings. They do not have to bother with finding links and keywords themselves. Everything is automated, and they just need to focus on the core functions of their business to enjoy its advantages.

Thanks to this plugin, business owners are able to invoke more web traffic, leading to more lead conversions and sales opportunities with success!