Benefit From Your Data With Power BI Development


In business having access to information is all very well but it’s making meaningful sense of it that counts, and this is certainly true regarding data and analytics.

All the time and investment in gathering, storing, and manipulating data are of limited value if you’re not deriving maximum benefit in terms of gaining the insights and business intelligence your data should be providing you.

A highly popular business tool to help make use of data analytics quickly and effectively is Microsoft’s Power BI – their suite of business intelligence, reporting and data visualisation products. Microsoft themselves sum up Power BI as: “a business analytics solution that lets you visualise your data and share insights across your organisation or embed them in your app or website.”

If your business isn’t deriving as much benefit as it should from data reporting, then a Power BI development project from an experienced partner could be just what you’re looking for.

Power BI – the easy-to-understand interface

Once you have Power BI set up in a way that suits your data analytics structure so as to allow efficient access to data and thus the production of clear and informative graphics on a dashboard, then meaningful data insights can be accessed in various ways such as via web browsers and mobile apps.

Power BI is really a ‘catch-all’ term and covers different flavours of the software:

  • Power BI Desktop – as its name implies, a Windows desktop version installed locally
  • Power BI Service – an online software as a service (SaaS) held in the cloud and accessible by multiple users
  • Power BI Apps – literally mobile app versions available for iOS, Android, and Windows

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Excel, then Power BI will prove fairly easy to learn as it’s built on the foundation of its well-known spreadsheet stablemate.

Powerful data insights at your fingertips

Power BI puts some very important data within easy reach by connecting with a wide range of data sets and tidying them up so they can be easily understood and presented in highly graphical form.

The software can provide not only accurate historical and present time information, but through a powerful machine, learning facilities can help predict future trends and present findings based on various ‘what if?’ scenarios. This of course helps forecasting, and information is updated instantly so the very latest data is always being used.

How to make the most of Power BI

With Power BI being available in various versions and the need for a proper ‘connection’ with your data so as to provide the best intelligence from it, then a professional Power BI development project working with an experienced data analytics partner is key.

They can help you choose the best Power BI set-up based on your needs and budget: some versions are paid such as Power BI Pro, which is needed for sharing information and others – such as Power BI Desktop – come free with versions of Microsoft Office 365.

Once your Power BI development has been undertaken, you can benefit hugely from this very powerful reporting and analytics package.