What Is Mobile Data Leakage?


The internet is one of the most valuable developments in the technological industry. It made people’s lives easier. From connecting with your loved ones, shopping, paying bills, to gathering data – many things were made convenient because of the internet. But despite the internet being helpful, it has also caused severe security issues. 

Even with the continuous efforts of tech developers to develop robust security systems, many organizations are still falling victim to various cyberattacks. And with the transition from on-the-site to remote working because of the COVID-19 pandemic, data security has become more at risk.

To cope with the social distancing mandate of the government and health sector, companies had to adapt to a work-from-home setup to continue with their operations. This new setup has forced organizations to share their data with their employees despite being outside the corporate network. And since employees now use mobile devices to communicate with one another or their clients, this places the company’s data more vulnerable to online crimes. 

While cybercriminals continue to improve their tools and methods to steal data, their first and foremost source is usually the employees. Phishing is one of their most common strategies for stealing data. And this has victimized thousands of individuals as it relies on people handing over data without them knowing. 

Given this example, it is worth noting that mobile data leakage does not necessarily need a cyberattack. This usually happens due to accidental or bad practices in handling your data. And this leakage can have severe consequences for organizations, especially for sectors such as finance. This is why it is crucial for businesses to establish secure SMS messaging archiving regulations to mitigate any possible mobile data leakage. 

In today’s time, most companies utilize instant messaging apps like WeChat for business-related communication. With the help of WeChat compliance and the like, companies can meet record-keeping regulations and compliance requirements while ensuring a more secure communication platform.

To know more about mobile data leakage, its effects, and how to prevent it from happening, you may continue reading this infographic created by Telemessage.