LoginID – Competitor Analysis


Different industries now heavily rely on digitizing their organizational documents, proceedings, and client or customer information. A need for reliable authentication protocol is vital in verifying users and creators alike. Advanced authentication solutions are put in place instead of traditional password systems, which are often compromised due to growing data exposure and security threats resulting in advanced hackers’ malicious intrusions.

But currently, with the development of the advanced and existing methods of authentication: biometrics, smartcards, tokens, etc., data safety of people and organizations that rely on websites, software programs, or apps can be guaranteed.

The Demand for Advanced Authentication

Day to day operations of most companies now rely on computer runs and electronic data programs, especially since most employees are in a remote work setup that started the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. A global survey by McKinsey discovered that about 85% of companies shifted to the digitization of their businesses.

With the increased use of the internet due to the growing adoption of mobile technology, financial and personal information transferred online also increased to have access to online services for daily transactions. With all these turns out of events, security service providers created ways for more secure data authentication. Here are some of the valuable security service providers in the market:


 A leading company when it comes to providing biometric security solutions that provide SaaS-based Passwordless Authentication, Digital Onboarding, Digital Identity Verification (in partnership with AuthID), and PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication solutions and is FIDO2 Certified.

 LoginIDs passwordless authentication can be used on all major browsers and platforms for real time fraud prevention in businesses, secure its users against SIM swapping modus, and help increase customer conversion rates. They also offer a digital signature feature for more extensive identity verification.


A passwordless login integrated into an application developed by SDK is situated in the United States is what Magic. Link offers. Their authentication includes email magic links, SMS, FIDO2 WebAuthn, and social login. Aside from these, they are soon to launch the MFA platform or multi-factor authentication.

Magiclinks redirect users to another URL or prompt them to go back to the original tab after completing the verification process. However, many users want a faster way of verification because when dispatch has delayed the procedure of magic link slows down the process.


Another key market player in securing data is Auth0, which provides FIDO WebAuthn-based biometrics, email, SMS, and magic link options to businesses based on their requirements. They also have MFA and SSO login options that may seem expensive.

In deploying this authentication program, it can be through the following forms:

  • mobile application
  • web application
  • single-page application, or
  • integrated using an API.

However, computer experts that work on java projects find the security authentication features of Auth0 needs improvement.

Aside from these security providers, there are more to know and options to see. Firms worldwide need to take security authentication to the next level to avoid the takeover of accounts even with the biggest of companies. For more information and secure, private authentication for the future – LoginID.