Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Content Marketing 


Having an ideal marketing strategy can lead to an amazing user experience for your customers. And with digital advancements and transformation in full swing, it gives room to content being the newest focal point to marketing strategies. 

What is Content Marketing?

In simple terms, content marketing is correlated to terms like branded content, custom content, native advertising, or sponsored content. It is also a strategic approach that is used by marketers today that is centered on creating and spreading valuable, consistent, and relevant content that attracts a defined audience and drives customers to action. 

We have also gathered a few facts about content marketing that we believe can help structure your content marketing process and bring more sales for your company. 

Quality Content Ensures Excellant Marketing 

Adding a few fancy words is not enough to capture the attention of your crowd. What really works the best when it comes to content marketing is finding a web page filled with nicely conducted words and proper descriptions about products and services that your company has to offer. 

Keyword Engagement 

Suprisingly, alot of marketing prodviders are not aware of the act of how vital keywords can be for your content marketing strategy. They simply think as long as the users are getting on their websites, it will be more than enough. But it is essential to think about all kinds of keywords and incorporate them into your webpage so that users can easily find your page and reach out to your business. 

Facebook is Your Friend 

Accoeding to research provided by the Relevance Insights to Own Your Industry, it was found that Facebook serves as one of the number one platforms when it comes to content discovery. Marketing agencies around the world have agreed that Facebook has contributed to more than 50% of the organic traffic source to diverse stories and only 9.7% of that traffic tends to come from articles that come from its homepage. 

There is still so much to learn about content marketing – and that is why professionals like Rifat Ahmed are there to help you out in your understanding of the vastness of the content marketing world.

Rifat Ahmed is an exceptionally talented and accomplished writer who has spent many years of his professional career working on creative content writing while serving as the manager of Deftyled – a highly acclaimed content marketing agency around the world. 

Throughout his career, he has written many popular works for the Business Standard, Cyber Barta, and Green Leaf Air. Through his agency, he has also made sure to hire all kinds of people into the creative writing line of work. Some of the people he hires come with experience who can deliver quality content. 

What is interesting is that he also hires people with no prior professional writing experience. People with potential that catch his eye are hired and then Ahmed uses his platform to provide them with proper training to help build up their literary skills and enable them to produce quality content work at all times.