Four Ways to Back Up Chat History and Files on Whatsapp


Whatsapp is more than a casual messaging platform. It has over 1 billion monthly users. Because of its ease of use and the large number of users it can reach, business companies and firms are using Whatsapp for official purposes. This app is essential for any company dealing with legal issues such as regulatory compliance.

How will you store all the data that your employees exchange daily? Continue reading to learn more.

Backup Whatsapp History on PC/Mac

Whatsapp offers desktop software that allows you to save and store chat history. You will need to install the Whatsapp Client App on your computer. After signing in with your credentials, hover over the three horizontal lines along the screen. Click and choose “Backup & Restore.” From here, you can select which chats to back up.

To restore, follow the steps above until you reach the “Backup and Restore” option. After that, you can choose the chat history that you wish to restore, and then you are done.

Whatsapp to Google Drive

Google Drive can be used as an archive Whatsapp chat function. Select settings and choose Backup. Next, select “Backup Now.” You will see a list of backup options. Click on Google Drive.

Get Your Whatsapp Media

Whatsapp media lets you download audio, video, and image files. You can also keep a backup of these media files in case you need them. Visit their website, scan the QR code from your mobile device, and choose chats containing the files you want to download.

Third-party Software is a good option

For easier Whatsapp compliance monitoring, sometimes it’s better to use 3rd-party Whatsapp archive solutions. Archive a chat in WhatsApp can do more than just backup chat history; they can also record conversations. Depending on what the software can do, third-party archivers may be able to record messages from other platforms than Whatsapp and keep them on smartphones or computers.

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