Eliminating issues of email bounce and solutions for quick communication


What is an email bounce?

An email bounce is the term used for a mail that has failed to be delivered. This is an automated message received from the email system.

What can one do to reduce email bounce rate?

In order to reduce email bounce rate, one must make sure you have entered a valid domain address. Email bounce is often seen in cases, where the name of the recipient is entered incorrectly, the recipient is not real or is unknown to the system of emails. An email is considered to be sent only after the receiver has received the mail. However, if the receiver’s server does not accept the mail of the sender, for whatever reasons, the mail is bounced back to the sender.

Some common causes of bouncing Emails

Email bounce makes it difficult for the exchange of information to happen smoothly. some major causes of bouncing back of emails are as follows:

  • Overfilled inbox
  • Blocking
  • Loaded walls

1) Filled inbox

Often, when either the sender or the receiver’s inbox is filled with a lot of useless mails, bounce emails are bound to come into the picture. It is important to keep clearing your messages and other useless junk from your inbox and provide space for some new emails. 

There could be a problem occurring from either side, hence, if the problem is not from the sender’s side, he or she can always ask the receiver to clean his or her junk. In this way, smooth exchange of mails can be carried out.

2) Blocking 

If the receiver has blocked the entry of spam mails into their inbox, there could be chances of failure in sending the mail. Even if the sender’s post code has been blocked from the receiver’s system, the mail would be refrained from getting sent to the respective person and the problem of email bounce may occur in such cases. 

The sender has no choice but to wait for them to get unblocked by providing the correct postcode to the receiver by another means of communication.

3) Loaded walls

Often, we fail to refresh our feed. This causes big traffic during the exchange of mails. Poor network could also be one of the many reasons for the occurrence of this problem. It is more important for the receiver to have a clean feed that is not filled with junk mail. 

It is only then that a sender can make certain files and mails available to them. Other reasons for bounce email may be the wrong entry of certain usernames. It is important to keep cleaning your cache so you can send and receive the mail quickly and efficiently. 

You may also want to keep a specific time interval between different mails to avoid mail traffic. Even in the cases of too long emails, this problem may occur. Email is primarily used for formal exchange and hence, does not allow a large content to be sent through.