Cloud Inventory Improves Inventory Management with Digital, Cloud-Based Features 


Today’s businesses must effectively monitor and manage inventory in warehouses and in the field. They also must take stock of manufacturing materials. The unfortunate reality is that the manual inventory management processes that continue to be used today are outdated. They result in inefficiencies, poor response times, the inability to make informed decisions and more. Cloud Inventory is changing the landscape with a complete suite of digital inventory management resources. These effective solutions elevate agility by providing real-time control and visibility across the spectrum. 

Inventory Management Adaptation to Meet Modern Needs

ERP-based inventory management continues to be in use in many organizations today, but it is overly sluggish. More than that, it is outdated and fails to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. ERP legacy systems, for example, may track inventory that is within the physical confines of the warehouse. It is tracked with a spreadsheet, which unfortunately means that real-time data is never available. Today’s businesses, however, operate with field environments. ERP systems are not designed to monitor that inventory. Cloud Inventory is a digital system that tracks inventory in real-time in all locations. By doing so, it gives you an accurate look at inventory at any given time. 

More than that, it is a cloud-based solution that is functional in remote environments where connectivity is sometimes problematic. By supporting more accurate and timely inventory management, the solution optimizes the use of available inventory. It may also reduce handling costs and avoid unnecessary delays. The solution can be customized based on a specific worker’s role in the organization, work environment and other factors. This system even has the added functionality of customizing nodes to track inventory in any location in real-time.

An Agile Inventory Management Solution

Today’s business environment can move at a snail’s pace at times, but it may change rapidly at other times. The changing landscape may be tied to supply chain issues, global events and a variety of other factors. Cloud Inventory is an agile inventory management solution that puts decision-makers in the driver’s seat. By being able to monitor and control inventory in real-time, the business can make essential adjustments on a global scale or even in a single locality. This may be to accommodate changes in both supply and demand. It can optimize profits, decrease overhead and improve the viability of the business overall.

Transitioning to a Digital System

To realize the profound benefits of a cloud-based digital inventory management system, you must be aware of where all your inventory currently exists. More than that, you need to know where your current inventory management system’s inefficiencies are and what efforts are currently being made to work around those inefficiencies. For example, is your company buying extra supplies to accommodate inventory loss in a warehouse? A digital inventory management solution can eliminate this inefficiency. The first step to take when transitioning to a digital system is to complete a real-time assessment of the current system. From that point, you can more accurately see the benefits that a cloud-based inventory management system will have on your business.

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